DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again

The song "DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again" by Usher featuring Pitbull is originally in the key of D minor. Released in 2010, it is a dance-pop and electro-pop track that became a commercial success worldwide. Usher, an American singer, songwriter, and dancer, collaborated with rapper Pitbull for this hit single. The song was written by Max Martin, Shellback, Savan Kotecha, Pitbull, and Usher, while production was handled by Max Martin and Shellback. Interestingly, "DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again" was initially intended for the soundtrack of the film "Step Up 3D" but was later included in Usher's album "Versus." As for the melody, it features catchy hooks, energetic beats, and a pulsating electro-pop sound that perfectly complements the upbeat and infectious vibe of the song.