Je t'aime moi non plus

"Je t'aime moi non plus" is a song by Serge Gainsbourg, released in 1967 in its original key of F major. The song was initially recorded with Brigitte Bardot, but due to their affair and Bardot's husband's objection, the version was never released. Later, Gainsbourg re-recorded the song with Jane Birkin, which became a controversial hit due to its explicit lyrics and suggestive nature. Gainsbourg, a renowned French singer-songwriter and composer, wrote the song, showcasing his provocative and avant-garde style. As for trivia, the song was banned in several countries and caused public outrage upon its release for its sexual content. It features a seductive, languid melody with a repetitive catchy organ riff accompanied by Birkin's breathy vocals and Gainsbourg's deep, spoken-word style.