War is over

"War is Over" is a song composed and performed by John Lennon in the key of A major. Released in December 1971 as a Christmas-themed single with Yoko Ono, the song was included in their joint album titled "Some Time in New York City." Lennon and Ono wrote this anti-war anthem as a response to the ongoing conflict in Vietnam, hoping to spread a message of peace and unity. The song's lyrics contain powerful and straightforward statements, proclaiming that "war is over if you want it." Interestingly, the couple funded billboards in major cities around the world with the phrase "War is Over! (If You Want It) Merry Christmas from John & Yoko." These billboards further promoted the song's message. The melody of "War is Over" is characterized by simple and memorable chord progressions, accompanied by Lennon's heartfelt vocals. Overall, the song remains an iconic call for peace and an enduring symbol of the couple's activism efforts.