Ireland's Call

"Ireland's Call" is a song in the original key of G major, which was commissioned in 1995 by the Irish Rugby Football Union to be used as an alternate anthem representing the whole of Ireland in sporting events. The song was composed by Phil Coulter, a renowned songwriter from Derry, Northern Ireland. It was specifically written to be inclusive of all Irish people, regardless of their religious or political affiliations. Although no specific performer is associated with the song, it has been performed by various artists and choirs over the years. Notably, the Celtic Tenors have gained success with their renditions of "Ireland's Call." As for trivia, the song's opening line, "Come the day and come the hour," is borrowed from the 19th-century Irish patriotic song "The Fenian Men." In terms of melody, "Ireland's Call" combines traditional Irish folk elements with a rousing and uplifting chorus, making it a powerful anthem that unites the Irish people in sporting events and beyond.