Oblivion Theme - Glory Of Cyrodiil

The original key of the song "Oblivion Theme - Glory Of Cyrodiil" by Bethesda Games is in C major. The music was composed by Jeremy Soule, a renowned video game composer known for his work on various Bethesda titles. Jeremy Soule created the soundtrack for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, including the uplifting and majestic "Glory Of Cyrodiil" theme. The song is played during significant moments in the game, capturing the essence of the world of Cyrodiil. As for trivia, "Oblivion Theme - Glory Of Cyrodiil" was featured in Skyrim as a nod to its predecessor. The melody of the song is characterized by its soaring strings, powerful brass instruments, and an epic orchestral arrangement that evokes a sense of grandeur and adventure.